Allergy center islamabad fees

Allergy Center Islamabad Fees, A Breakdown

Are you seeking allergy treatment in Islamabad? Understanding the Allergy Center Islamabad fees associated with diagnosis, treatment, and vaccine delivery services is crucial. Based on my personal experience, here’s a breakdown of the costs

Allergy Center Islamabad Fees

  • Consultation, vaccine, and skin prick test: Rs. 1700
  • Medicine Expenses (outside the center) : Rs. 2000 – 4000 (approximate cost of medicines purchased outside the center)

Traveling Expenses

From Faizabad to Allergy Center : Suzuki public transport (approximately Rs. 40) or taxi (approximately Rs. 500-1000

  • Most expenses incurred during the first visit : Expect to pay most of the fees during your initial visit
  • Subsequent vaccine doses cost less : you can reduce the expenses after first visit. you can avail our vaccine delivery service by sending your vaccine prescription.

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